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Lake Bio-optical Measurements and Matchup Data for Remote Sensing

LIMNADES is an initiative to establish a centralised database of ground bio-optical measurements of worldwide lakes through voluntary cooperation across the international scientific community.

LIMNADES will provide a repository for:

  1. inherent and apparent optical property datasets and associated water constituent measurements; and
  2. in situ water constituent measurements for satellite validation.

Our long-term vision is to maintain this database beyond the end of the GloboLakes project (ends 2017). The database will be held in trust by GloboLakes where further post-processing and quality control will be performed. Further information on this initiative will be provided to potential contributors as it develops.

More information regarding on the Limnades project can be found on the Limnades website: Go to the Limnades site.

Please feel free to contact us using this email address if you have any questions regarding Limnades.